Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Frog Unit Study

tadpoles from our very own kiddie pool! And a toad from our local city's drainage. The girls are going to observe and document the toad and tadpoles then release them back into their homes.

This free lapbook is great you find it on homeschoolshare.
This is all we could fit on our lapbooks but there is more!
teaching my girls to use the library catalog we looked up frogs and found some great resources!

Cathy the Cat

Annaleigh was so proud of her little letter C craft!

So you want to sew?

Here we are with some beginner stitching!

The Right Brain Method

Teaching the Right Brain by Dianne Craft is my reading curriculum this year. I found my daughter exhibits many signs of dyslexia. When I read Dianne Crafts blog and list of symptoms my mouth dropped open, she fit the bill to the T. I was both shocked and relieved to find a name for our problem and solution all at once. We have really hit the spelling words right brain strategies hard so far and the results have been amazing! We are also using the Brain Integration Therapy as well. 

Surprise Birthday Box!

I had friends and family add birthday cards to our box!
we took some sweet little pictures for Gary's birthday!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Oh Spring Ballet...

Being on the stage, wearing make-up, receiving applause and flowers is something these girls will never pass up on!

Sandy Summer

Every Summer have to make a trip to the beach! This year is no different. While shelling we found 3 intact sand dollars and tons of other gorgeous shells. I had to depend on the kindness of a stranger to pull my van out of the sand. It was certainly memorable!
Everyone found some amazing shells!
Completely intact
We found lots of jelly fish had washed up. This is a Portuguese man o' war.
Exploring what has washed up between the rocks.
The girls LOVED taking old time photos downtown.
We adore the time in the sand and sun!