Friday, June 28, 2013

Sad Sayonara

When it was time for Gary go leave I was desperate! I tried to negotiate solutions for his staying home. In the end, we still have to say goodbye. It hurts to let go. It hurts to go against your own will. I respect my husband for making this difficult decision and will support his all the way!

happy homecoming

To much relief, Gary was able to come home to for a short visit we naturally we enjoyed our family time together!

I went by myself to pick Gary up and we spent two nights together!
We celebrated with lots of food!
We surprised our sweet babies who had no idea that daddy was coming home!

Gifts all the way from Afghanistan!

Eggy Easter


Lake Chicot State Park, Arkansas
Who doesn't love a roaring fire with smores?

So square.

Collaborative Art 

 I was asked to put together an interactive collaborative  painting for a women's conference this Spring. The request was specifically for about 300 women being able to participate in the art two days in a row and have it go up for auction to raise money for One Touch Awakening ( )pillows sent to a children's home in Thailand our church supports (
While this painting was truly collaborative work it took a great deal of preparation from me. I work through lots of nights with my nearly 1800 squares!

Family Trip to Memphis zoo

Peeping tom

One night as I bathed my daughter I looked over my shouldered and reached to close the shutters in our bathroom and there was this baby opossum staring in right at us! We screamed and ran around the house and stared at this opossum staring at us. Little peeping tom making a routine night memorable for us!