Friday, August 31, 2012

Hair bow

Zeezee has long wavy hair! So pretty.
She doesn't want me to brush it, pull it up, put a bow, talk about it. Its certainly been a point of contention between us. Every so often i will show her a pic off the internet and ask if likes it. Then we come to agree on a hair style. This is my attempt at the hair bow style as seen on pinterest!

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hurricane Isaac evacuation!!!

Massive power outage..oh when i say massive i mean two square blocks,ours being one of them. So we packed it up and scooted across town to my mom's air conditioned quarters.  Bunking up for the night the girls are hearing funny childhood stories from aunt juju! The best story is when i tried to use a display toilet at sears! A very lucky salesman found me just in the nick of time, promptly delivering to my oblivious dad.
Embracing the family time!

Sweetfrog family

One of our last family trips before daddy heads out on Monday...
we got to see one of our favorite babysitters! *smile!* Z and her winning pose against the palm tree. My little tot left her mark on the door....nice touch, baby girl!

do you remember?

Allowing my memory to take me back to days when swinging through the air did not make me nauseous! What a great feeling! For my home school swinging is a mandatory class, that each girl MUST master...before it's too late! :)
Swing on little monkeys! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Windy Wednesday

So hurricane Issac is pushing through today...we are only experiencing lots of wind..for now!
For a seven year old a flat tire can be devastating... good thing daddy will fix it after work!
On the bright side our pet toad is making it through the hurricane unscathed! *ribbit*
Uncle Chad found his way into our reading lesson! :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


so after 2 weeks of homeschooling this is how i feel too!
the sheer exhaustion! Lordy! Everyday gets better!